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Meet Siriah!!

Hi!! My name is Siriah Seegmiller and I’m the newest RG Girl!! I started working at Rustic Grace in October of 2017. Here is a little bit about me!

I am a junior at Comanche High School. Throughout high school I've been involved in Marching Band and play the flute! 

I am part of a big family of 6! My dad is the dentist in town and we really love living in Comanche. I grew up in the beautiful state of Utah, but moved to Comanche in 2013. I love to be outdoors. Growing up in Utah I was always outside, in the mountains, or able to see the beautiful canyons. Family plays a big part of my life. I adore my family and love being able to go back home to Utah. After high school I plan on moving back to attend college and be with my family.

I love traveling and being able to experience new countries and cultures! I love trying new and different foods and doing fun activities, such as cliff jumping or white water rafting in glacier waters!

On the weekends I love to be with my family or my 5 amazing best friends. They mean the world to me and I’m so lucky to have them. I’m very grateful to have such an amazing family that is always there for me and supports me. They’re the best.

My career goal is to become a trauma nurse. I’ve always been interested in the medical field, because I find it fascinating. Originally, growing up I wanted to be a marine biologist but because of limited job options and the fact that marine biology is no longer funded, made it an almost impossible job to strive for.

I love my job and am so excited to be working here with wonderful ladies!!

Now that you know a little bit about me, I look forward to getting to know you as well. 


November 15, 2017 by Hannah Reichmann
DIY: Fall Succulent Planter

DIY: Fall Succulent Planter

Are you a lover of succulents and really want to keep them planted throughout Fall, but want a creative way to plant them?! That was my thoughts exactly, because I've simply FALLen in love {see what I did there} with succulents and want to keep them year round.

Lucky for me a sweet friend and local store owner was giving away some old Folgers Coffee Cans and I instantly knew that I absolutely had to have them!! Why?!

#1 Coffee cans are the perfect size and will fit up to two tiny succulents.


#2  Folgers coffee cans are the definition of fall colors, and the rust made them extra special ;)

So there I had it...a Simple, Easy Fall Decor Piece that you can easily make too!

What You Need-->

1. A Variety of Tiny Succulents

Succulents come in a variety of colors and textures, so look for some with blue hues, dark green, light green, and even pink if you can find it.

Succulents can be found at most local nurseries, but if none are around you...WalMart carries a huge selection.

2. Potting Soil

3. Coffee Cans or Your Choice of Planter

4. Your own Creativity

Gathering your materials is consider the "hard part" and Planting is what I would consider the "simple and easy" part.

STEP 1: Fill your coffee can or planter of choice about 3/4 of the way up with potting soil.

STEP 2: Place and plant your succulents of choice in your coffee can or planter of choice.
{TIP: Plant succulents closely together.}

STEP 3: Surround succulents with extra potting soil for better growth and life time.

STEP 4: Snap a Picture of your Fall Succulent Planter Outcome and Share it with Me.

{TIP: Don’t forget to water your succulents, however, be careful not to overwater as there is a possibility that your planter of choice will not have holes for excess water to escape.}

NOW sit back and enjoy this little beauties this Fall❤


October 17, 2017 by Hannah Reichmann
PSSST...Have You Heard?!

PSSST...Have You Heard?!

PSSST...Have You Heard?! If not the SECRET is out now!! Rustic Grace along with other participating Downtown Merchants in Comanche will be Hosting a monthly event called Therapy Thursday. Find Out the Info Below>>> What?! When?! Where?!

What is Therapy Thursday?!

Therapy Thursday is a LADIES NIGHT OUT...A night specifically for all Ladies seeking a little ME TIME, whether your a mom, a workaholic, or maybe even both...Your Welcome to Join in on all of the fun.

When is Therapy Thursday?!

The VERY FIRST Therapy Thursday will be held on Thursday, September 14th from 6:00-8:00 PM, however the Downtown Merchants and myself are hoping to have one the Second Thursday of EVERY month.

Where is Therapy Thursday?!

Therapy Thursday is located in all of the Downtown Comanche Shops of participating Merchants. When I say "Downtown" I mean right here on the Historic Comanche Square. 

Each Participating Merchant will be Giving Away Something from their very own Shop! To Sign Up for the Giveaways you'll want to Visit each of the Participating Merchants...the more Merchants you Visit the more chances you'll get to Win one of our Giveaways! Winners will be Announced on the North side of the Square at 8:00 PM Sharp...All Winners must be Present. 

Participating Merchants

  • Rustic Grace
  • Granny's Place {Antiques}
  • Harvest Restaurant
  • Outpost Restaurant & Catering {Tours of Building}
  • Tomorrow's Keepsakes/Corner Coffee Shop 
  • Unique Antiques & Collectibles 
  • Wonderful Things

Here at Rustic Grace the RG Girls will Personally be Serving Brennan Vineyards Wine and a Variety of Finger Foods. We will have an Additional In-Store Giveaway for a $50 Gift Certificate for all Customers to Sign-Up for as well as a Special Little Sale!

I personally hope to see each and everyone of you reading this here at Therapy Thursday, whether it's the first one or the next one! OH and PS...Wine is Cheaper than Therapy ;)


September 09, 2017 by Hannah Reichmann
Happy Fall In the Fashion World Y'all

Happy Fall In the Fashion World Y'all

Here at RG we're receiving boxes on the daily that are full of {F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S} Flannels, Sweaters, Jackets, Vests and more that we are all dying to wear! However these "Barely Below 100 Degree Texas Temps" are telling us otherwise.

I know, I's absolutely crazy, but completely real that it's already Fall in the Fashion World. So I'm Here to Share with You a Preview of What this Fall is all about.

From Accessories to Denim to Dresses & Tops to Necessities we have it ALL. ALL In Different Sizes and Colors too!!


Believe It or Not...Outfit #1 is Showing Off Multiple Looks that will be Trending this Fall of 2017!!
•Floral Print
•Cold Shoulders
•Off the Shoulder Ruffle Neckline
•Patched Denim
Our {Life and Laughter Top in Rust} and {Dear John-Joyrich Comfort Skinnies in Armington} Pull the Trending Looks together Perfectly for an Easy, but Fabulous Fall Look


Where are all of my Lovers of Basics?!? Outfit #2 is just that, Full of Basics and as Cute as can be!!
A Chunky Sweater, a Pair of Distressed Dear John Skinnies, and a Top with Two Trends in One {Keyhole Neckline && Knotted Hemline}!


When We Say Florals are a "Thing" again this Fall...Trust Us!! From Small Floral to Big Floral from Delicate Floral to Vintage Floral it's Simply Up to You and Your Personal Opinion! Our {Stylish Standout Kimono in Navy Floral} goes P-E-R-F-E-C-T-L-Y with one of Our Basic {Cap Sleeve Pikos in Light Pink}!
OH and Have You Heard the Latest Fashion Trend for Denim?! Zippers!! Zippers will be Adding a "Bold Accent" to Women's Denim this Fall!!


To say I'm Slighty Obsessing over Our {Kiss and Tell Top in Black} is a Complete Understatement!! The Cutouts and Off the Shoulder Neckline make this Top a "Date Night" Favorite! Pairs Perfectly with Dear John Blue Jean Denim or Colored Denim!


Have You Heard?! Apparently we're going back to the late 60's and early 70's to reintroduce you guys to VELVET!!! Velvet has it's Name Written all Over this years Fall Trends!
Our {Down in History Top in Black Velvet} is an Employee Favorite, and we just know our Customers will Love it Features a Peplum Waistline and a Super Loose Fit!

If You Haven't Noticed we LOVE Basics...Any and All. They're Simple, but Super Cute and are always an A+ Option for an Easy Everyday Fall Look!
Our {Chill Time Top in Plum} is the Perfect Basic, Featuring Multiple Trends, such as Strappy Detailing, Striped Pattern, and Colorblock Design!

Meet Marley our Newest Additon to our Shoe Collection by Blowfish...She Fits in Perfectly this Fall as Athleisure happens to be!!


Basics and Floral and Comfort OH MY!! Cute Sweatpants don't have to be Worn specifically while Lounging...It's Always "Floral Time" Here, There, and Everywhere!!

As the Temperatures outside may still be High, we just can't stop ourselves from thinking about this year's Fall Favorites, so If your Local Stop in and Let us help you find your Favorites!! And if you're not Local that's A-okay, because you can either Shoot us an Email or FB Message and we will be sure to Help You In Every way we can!

Thanks for Reading!

XOXO, Hannah

August 26, 2017 by Hannah Reichmann
Easy-Quick-Yummy Recipes

Easy-Quick-Yummy Recipes

Hi Ladies! It's been awhile since I've been on the RG Blog, so I figured I'd better hop on the computer and write a Short Blog Post that includes 3 Easy-Quick-Yummy Recipes!

If you were at Rustic Grace's very first event this past Thursday {Sip-Snack-Shop} then these 3 Recipes will sound very familiar!! I actually had the idea to write this Blog, because so many of you who joined us that night asked for these recipes!!

HUGE shout out to my sweet mom for taking time out of her day to send me these recipes, because let's be honest there would of just been a meat and cheese tray at the event if it weren't for her!! 
{Pictured with my sweet mom at a 'High Tea' that she put on through her Women's Ministry to celebrate Mothers Day this year}




I uploaded these Recipes as Images for easy Saving access. Now get in that Kitchen and whip up these EASY-QUICK-YUMMY recipes! 

Thank you sooo much for taking time out of your busy lives to interact with me through the Blog and Social Media!! I LOVE hearing from each and every one of you, whether it's about Clothing, Home and Gift Ideas, or even Recipes😉❤

{PS...I just activated Commenting on the Blog, so Comment Away!!}


July 18, 2017 by Hannah Reichmann
Local Lather and Love

Local Lather and Love

Wedding Season is upon us here at Rustic Grace, so what better way to introduce you to one of our newest Lines...LOCAL LATHER! A line I completely fell in LOVE with at Market, and a line that is filled with perfect gifts. 

Local Lather is a line that's supports the local community and the well-being and health of others through production of sustainable and natural handcrafted bath salts, lotions, and soaps.

Local Lather has a Variety of Different Soaps that are made of Distilled Water, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sustainable Harvested Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Sodium Hydroxide, Castor Oil, and Fragrance Oil.
{PS...Look How Simple and Cute it is to Gift Products in this New Line!! This is a Picture of What I did for my Sisters Hostesses at her Wedding Shower just recently.}

Local Lather carries a Lotion that I've personally never seen before, that caught my attention the moment I saw it. It's a SOLID Lotion Bar, which is Handcrafted with simple, natural straightforward ingredients.

This Lotion Bar comes in a convenient 4 Oz. Tin-Perfect for On-the-Go and Traveling. Remove entire puck from the tin, rub into palms, allowing the heat from your skin to melt the moisturizing butters. Can be used from head to toe. Especially nourishing for cuticles, hands, feet, elbows, & knees.

Last, but not least Local Lather also carries a varitey of both Bath Salts and Milk Baths, which are both loaded with Essential Oils and Natural Ingrediants. All you have to do is Pour a Handful or Two into a Running Bath for a Relaxing Soak.
I'm here for all of your Questions, and I'm sure to be able to Give you an Answer! 
Until Next Time, 
May 23, 2017 by Hannah Reichmann
Wardrobe Staples Every Woman Should Own

Wardrobe Staples Every Woman Should Own

Let's Talk about Wardrobe Staples! Most Womens Wardrobes depend on Staple Items. Staples are usually what help me decide what I'm going to buy! So I'm going to share a few of my favorites that I get the most use out of when getting dressed each day!

If you're anything like me you don't leave the house without a Camisole on! The Camis that I carry here at RG are made out of 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex...They're amazingly soft and honestly tuck you in a little bit, which is always a plus in my book! I offer a variety of all colors from Neutrals to the Pinkest Pink! Whether you're layering it underneath a shirt or wearing it under a cardigan, you can't go wrong with this piece.

I'm definetly a JEAN person, and when I say JEAN person, I mean a DEAR JOHN and KANCAN DENIM kind of girl. Back before I owned a store you would of never caught me in a pair of Skinny Jeans, and now you will never catch me in a pair of Jeans that aren't Dear Johns, Kancans or Skinny! Skinny Jeans are a staple that every girl should have, and if they have a little bit of stretch like Dear Johns and Kancans that's even better!

A Piko is a top that literally every girl MUST HAVE! It's made out of the softest material {Bamboo} and comes in every cut you could ever imagine! Add some Jewelry, a Layering Piece and you'll be set.

Put all of these pieces together with a pair of Adorable Booties or Sandals and you get the cutest outfit EVER! Yes it's comfy, easy, yet a super stylish outfit...and I created it with just 3 STAPLE ITEMS that are in my Wardrobe YEAR ROUND!


April 18, 2017 by Hannah Reichmann
Changing with the Seasons

Changing with the Seasons

Welcome to Texas...the state where on a Monday it's 40 Degrees and Cloudy and on a Tuesday it's 100 Degrees and Bright and Sunny! 

If you're like me your thinking it's the time of the year where you have NO IDEA what to wear! So, I'm here to show you what we like to call TRANSITION PIECES!

{Transitioning Outfit #1}
Our Stripe One Top is Ideal for Days you have Tons to do and just need to be Comfortable while Looking Adorable!

For a Day that it's a Little Bit Cooler Out, Pair Our {Stripe One Top} with Our {Bomber Jacket in Light Pink} and Our {Moto Jeggings in Black}!

And a Day when it's a Little on the Hot Side...Wear Our {Stripe One Top} alone with Our {Dear John Hampton Shorts in Black} and Our {Granola Sandals in Brown}! 


{Transitioning Outfit #2}
A Tank Top Piko is Great Year Round, meaning it's the Perfect Transitioning Piece!

Take Our {Piko Tank Top Dress in Black} and Cover Up with this Cute Kimono on a day when a Small Cold Front hits and Add Our {Open Toed Booties in Cognac}!

It's Your Lucky Day...Either Wear Our {Piko Tank Top Dress in Black} Bare and Show some Skin, or Pair it with Our {Lace Sleeveless Long Vest in Natural} and Our {Domaine Sandals in Pewter}! 


{Transitioning Outfit #3}
This Beautiful White Tank is seriously a Once In A Lifetime! 

It's One of those Days when it's Cold Enough for a Cardigan, but it's still "Spring Enough" for Our {Once in a Lifetime Top in White}! For a Dressier Look Add Our {Open Toed Booties in Cognac}!

Your Everyday Outfit in Texas Deserves to be this Cute! Our {Once in a Lifetime Top in White}, Our {Dear John Playback Cuffed Capris in Lola} and Our {Baot Sandals in Nude} make up this Extremely Cute Spring Outfit! 


The Winter of 2016 was Brought to us with a lot of Dreadful Hot Summer Days, and now that it's FINALLY Spring it can be Confusing what to wear based on the Weather, so I hope my Changing with the Seasons Blog can bring you some peace when Deciding on that Perfect Outfit!

Hannah (:


March 28, 2017 by Hannah Reichmann
Let's Talk Kismet

Let's Talk Kismet

To say I'm a makeup junkie would be an understatement. I am OBSESSED with makeup! So when Hannah told me Rustic Grace was going to start carrying a makeup line I was over the moon!

I had never heard of Kismet before so I immediately started doing my research on the company. Pleased to find that all Kismet products are made in the USA, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free and Cruelty Free!

If you follow Hannah or I on our personal social medias you probably know we are in love with our fur babies so Kismet being a Cruelty Free brand is such relief!

Liquid Lipsticks have taken over the lip game over the past few years and these are no exception! Creamy and luxurious to apply! VERY pigmented! You don't need to apply several layers like other brands! Who doesn't love to have beautiful luscious lips while nourishing them? A natural blend of essential extracts and resin help provide soft and supple lips while Vitamins C & E condition and heal.

Trends are changing all the time but Lipstick will always be an essential in every women's makeup collection! Kismet Velvet Semi-Matte Lipsticks are just that! SO creamy and smooth on the lips! Get stunning color without the dryness!
Stylist Tip: Apply Lipstick with lip brush for even longer wear!

I'm more of a matte to semi-matte girl myself but for our glossy girls.. don't worry we have something for you too! Plump your lips and reduce wrinkles with one simple swipe! This gloss... along with everything in our Kismet line is PIGMENTED! Wear alone or over top your favorite Velvet Semi-Matte Lipstick!

Just like we wash our face at the end of the day, exfoliate and moisturize. Our lips need the same treatment! Ensure your lips always look great with products lon with this AMAZING Sugar Lip Scrub! Sweet and refreshing sugar scrub will leave your pout ready for color. Lipstick lasts longer on smooth, primed lips than chapped. Our blend of Whipped Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter will soften your lips to candied perfection! Not to mention it's ALL NATURAL! Follow with your favorite Kismet Lipstick or Gloss to complete your look!

Mascara is something I can NEVER live without but this one has blown me away! Its wax blend of natural Beeswax and Organic Carnauba Wax lengthens, separates and thickens lashes without crumbling, flaking or falling. Our jet black formula is lightly scented with essential oils like lavender and lemon. Again.. ALL NATURAL!

Spring and Summer are upon us and I don't know about you all but I want to be a tan and glowy goddess! These two products will help you achieve it!

Let's just be real. We are busy. We are constantly going! And sometimes we just run out of time to make sure we have a lovely bronze tan all the time! Don't worry girl... we have a solution for you! Opulent Body Bronzing Lotion! Opulent is a quick-drying body bronzer infused with aloe vera, chamomile and green tea to help moisturize and provide a luminous finish. Non-greasy. Non-orange. Non-committal.

I have VERY dry skin! So I am all about that highlight! Dab on these soft, shimmery shades to make your complexion look radiant, fresh and healthy. For an ethereal glow apply to cheekbones, brow bones, the center of your forehead, down your nose and chin. Each rich formula contains Sesame Oil, for a natural moisturizer, Safflower seed oil, which helps repair skin barriers, and Jojoba Oil, which helps enhance your skin barrier and stimulate collagen.

Stylist Tips:
•For an all over youthful glow, mix Lovely Illuminator with you liquid foundation before applying.
•Apply Illuminator before any powders

Rosy: Fair to Light skin tones
Goldie: Light to Medium skin tones
Toasty: Deeper and Dark skin tones

After all day of looking FABULOUS it's time to unwind and relax!
Pop! Fizz! Ahh.... Let all the stresses of the day float away. Our bath fizz are sure to stimulate your senses, from the eye-catching colors to the sweet aromas. Made with organic Shea Butter to leave your skin soft and silky.

Until Next Time,

March 18, 2017 by Lindsea Wilhelm
Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts and a GIVEAWAY

Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts and a GIVEAWAY

There are 365 Days in a Year, and only 1 of those days is Valentine’s Day! Every day should be used to show your loved ones how much they mean to you, but Valentine’s Day gives us an opportunity to make our loved ones know just how {Special} they are!

I’ve gathered a few of my favorite things that would be ideal gifts that every girl would love to receive or give!

  1. SIC Cup…with or without a Monogram :)


Days can be long and not to mention stressful, so what’s better than having a go to cup when you’re in desperate need of some caffeine! Add a Monogram for that “Personalized” Touch.

  1. Bath Bombs


Our Feeling Smitten Products are definitely what I would call {Gifting Made Easy}. They’re Seriously SOO Cute…and the Perfect way to give your Loved One the impression that “It’s Time to Relax”

  1. Life Planners and Agendas

Staying Organized is on every girls mind, but sometimes life gets, so busy that it’s hard to be organized. Our Agendas and Life Planners give you the ability to stay organized, while allowing yourself to clear your thoughts by putting them down on paper!

  1. Pallet Signs

Maybe your just not a person with a lot of words…Don’t Worry, because Pallet Signs are the perfect way to show your loved one how you feel without having to come up with the words yourself!

  1. WoodWick Candles, Car Vents and Wax Melts

I love gifting or receiving gifts that can be used every day! Our WoodWick does just that and more! Just think every time your loved one goes to light their candle, get in their car, or even step into their house they will think of you!

  1. Water Bottles

Was {Keeping Up with a Healthy Lifestyle} on your loved ones New Year’s Resolutions list? If so, keep their resolution alive with one of our fun Stainless Steel Water Bottles that will inspire them while keeping their water cold for hours!

  1. Charm Bracelets

Our Gleeful Peacock Charm Bracelets not only tell a story, but every charm has a meaning. Tell your own story by giving your loved one a Charm Bracelet that has meaning.

  1. Gift Cards

Last, but definitely not least…GIFT CARDS! Gift Cards are my favorite thing to receive as a gift OR if were being serious roses…just ask my husband…Anyways what girl doesn’t LOVE going Shopping? It’s definitely Gifting Made Easy, but it’s always a Safe way out, as your loved one will get exactly what she’s been wanting!


Now that you’ve read about a few of my F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E things not only to receive, but to gift as well, I’m going to gift a few of these things to one LUCKY Winner…All You Have to Do is Like this Post on Facebook, Comment on this Post on Facebook, and Share this Post on Facebook…this Giveaway is Valued at $125…the Winner will be Announced on Monday, February 13th, 2017. AND GO!!!


January 30, 2017 by Hannah Reichmann