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Hannah's Typical "Day at the Store"

My Typical "Day at the Store"

The day starts at what I would call "bright and early" at 9:30 AM...yes I LOVE Sleep! ;) Although I must say I LOVE my job even more! The first thing I do everyday when I walk through the doors of the store, is head straight to the computer to turn on what I call my "motivation"...Contemporary Christian FAVORITE! Secondly, I pick a scent from our ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, AMAZING WoodWick Collection...and get the warmers going! Then I do a simple routine of cleaning the store, making sure everything is in order...until it's as presentable as I would want a store to be when I walked in! Then if your lucky I open the doors early, so your shopping experience can begin! Next, I head on over to the good ole' Pinterest and look for some daily motivation to send your way through Instagram or Facebook, so you can get your day started off right...or if your lucky maybe a "selfie" of myself or both Lindsea and I. :) Then comes the answering of emails from people near and far...maybe some pictures of new clothes that I could purchase for the store, maybe a shipment notification from UPS or FedEx saying I have a package coming full of goodies, or maybe an email from a customer saying they need my help (Secretly my favorite...I love having the opportunity to have a full on conversation with someone that I've never met before, but instantly feel like I've known them forever.) Next is the arriving of packages full of several amazing things, usually from UPS first then FedEx second. The boxes are always automatically torn open as I usually can't remember what I ordered, and because it's like opening presents on Christmas morning...and if we're being honest most of the time some of the items in the box actually become real presents to me :) #hopefullymyhusbanddoesntreadthis Of course with new arrivals comes barcoding, pricing, tagging, steaming, picture taking, and entering into the system! Of course throughout my whole working day, I get the pleasure of seeing new and familiar faces in and out of the store.

Other things that I do throughout different parts of the month/year include: rearranging the store front, going to market, planning those occasional sales, etc.

Obviously some days don't go exactly as planned as sometimes God has different plans, but for the most part that is what my typical day at the store consists of!


Thanks for Listening and Stay Tuned for my next Blog!

Love, Hannah

June 13, 2016 by Hannah Reichmann

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