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2017 Goals

I look forward to and love the New Year! Don't get me wrong I love the holidays and having so much family and a house full of love. However, how refreshing is a new start and setting goals for the upcoming year?

Goals can be hard to stick to. After the excitement of change wears off it can become easy to slip right back into old habits. I encourage you to find an accountability partner or group! My accountability partner is my husband, Westin at home. As he has similar goals in striving to lose weight and becoming healthier. (He is a certified personal trainer and about to start his last semester of college to be a coach and teacher). At work, Hannah and I try to keep each other motivated since we are together so often through out the week.

My Personal Goals for 2017 and Tips to Stay on Track

•Making God a priority in my daily routine. Sometimes life gets hectic and we forget to take care of ourselves. Emotionally and physically. Set aside time each day to spend time with God. Even if you have to wake up 20 minutes early to read a devotional. Remember just like any relationship... it takes work and spending time with one another to grow and become stronger. I love listening to podcasts while getting ready or doing house chores. The one I am loving at the moment is called Watermark Audio: Marriage Channel. Highly recommend giving it a listen!

•Practice being a supportive and understanding wife. Due to Westin finishing up school he stays busy. It is easy to point out all the things he forgets to do instead of understanding how much he does to finish his degree so he can provide for our family. Keep in mind all the things he is doing and the sacrifices he makes everyday to better himself. I love to sit down and ask him ways I can show him love or how I can help him with anything.

•Spend more time with Paislea and practice speaking love and encouragement to her. For anyone who doesn't have kids yet you might not fully grasp the love between a parent and child. Before Paislea I know I didn't. She reminds me everyday just how amazing and loving our God is. It is fascinating to watch her grow and develop a personality. As parents our #1 job is to show our children a loving relationship with the Lord. As Westin and I strengthen our faith in God we pray to teach and set an example for Paislea as well.

•Make healthier decisions. Treat my body like a temple. In a world of sweets and junk food... it can be challenging to be healthy. Eating junk 24/7 causes my body to feel drowsy, weak and gain unwanted weight. Keep a bottle of water with you to keep hydrated. Pick up a planner to schedule out meals and workouts. (this is a LIFESAVER in our house) Meal prepping will keep you eating healthier choices and saving money from not eating out as often. Treat yourself. Don't deprive yourself. Make healthier alternatives to some of your favorite soul foods and have a cheat meal every few weeks. Get moving. Working out doesn't have to be terrible or super intense. Find an activity you ENJOY doing so you won't dread working out. Westin and I have enjoyed a Country Dancing workout! Yes, he thinks it's kinda fun and we are able to spend some quality time together while doing it! Paislea loves to join in as well!

With all of this being said I hope you all have a wonderful, fulfilling year and stick with all your New Year resolutions!

Until next time,

January 04, 2017 by Lindsea Wilhelm

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