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3…2…1…HAPPY {almost} NEW YEAR!

Confetti and Sparklers might just be the two best words that help me describe New Year’s Eve! Whether you are spending time with that special someone or just want to have fun with friends…Confetti and Sparklers are sure to be involved!!

One of my Favorite things about the Holidays is being able to create DIY items that in return give you CUTE Pictures…and this year for New Year’s Eve I’ve decided to create DIY Confetti Poppers for the other RG Girls and Myself to take a {Cute & Memorable} Picture!


What You’ll Need:
1. Empty Toilet Paper Rolls
2. Good Quality Balloons
3. Scissors
4. Spray Paint and Glitter {Optional}
5. Your Choice of Filler


First, gather your TP rolls, balloons, and scissors. You can make your own Confetti Poppers with just these three items.

Tie a Knot at the end of the balloon and cut a very small section off of the other end.
Next Stretch the cut section over the end of your TP roll. {Make Sure to Have a Few Spare Balloons} The Higher Quality Helium style balloons work much better.
The hard parts over…Now just pour your choice of filler into the open end of the toilet TP roll. I chose to use Confetti and Glitter for my fillers.

That’s practically all you need to do to make a DIY Confetti Popper, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll make sure it looks pretty too! So that’s when the Spray Paint and Glitter come in handy ;)

Once you decorate it…the Fun Begins…because all you do is Pull back on the Knot “Handle”…Let Go…and Watch the Confetti and Glitter shoot out!! It even makes a loud popping sound. Refill Over and Over again for even more fun! Watch My Video by Clicking the Link Below!!

Hannah's Confetti Popping Video

Be on the Lookout for Our Super Cute New Year’s Eve Photo on All of Our Social Media Pages!

Happy {Almost} New Year and See You in 2017!!



December 28, 2016 by Hannah Reichmann

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