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DIY: Fall Succulent Planter

Are you a lover of succulents and really want to keep them planted throughout Fall, but want a creative way to plant them?! That was my thoughts exactly, because I've simply FALLen in love {see what I did there} with succulents and want to keep them year round.

Lucky for me a sweet friend and local store owner was giving away some old Folgers Coffee Cans and I instantly knew that I absolutely had to have them!! Why?!

#1 Coffee cans are the perfect size and will fit up to two tiny succulents.


#2  Folgers coffee cans are the definition of fall colors, and the rust made them extra special ;)

So there I had it...a Simple, Easy Fall Decor Piece that you can easily make too!

What You Need-->

1. A Variety of Tiny Succulents

Succulents come in a variety of colors and textures, so look for some with blue hues, dark green, light green, and even pink if you can find it.

Succulents can be found at most local nurseries, but if none are around you...WalMart carries a huge selection.

2. Potting Soil

3. Coffee Cans or Your Choice of Planter

4. Your own Creativity

Gathering your materials is consider the "hard part" and Planting is what I would consider the "simple and easy" part.

STEP 1: Fill your coffee can or planter of choice about 3/4 of the way up with potting soil.

STEP 2: Place and plant your succulents of choice in your coffee can or planter of choice.
{TIP: Plant succulents closely together.}

STEP 3: Surround succulents with extra potting soil for better growth and life time.

STEP 4: Snap a Picture of your Fall Succulent Planter Outcome and Share it with Me.

{TIP: Don’t forget to water your succulents, however, be careful not to overwater as there is a possibility that your planter of choice will not have holes for excess water to escape.}

NOW sit back and enjoy this little beauties this Fall❤


October 17, 2017 by Hannah Reichmann

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