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DIY Pumpkin Decorating

The month of October calls for decorating pumpkins…and decorating pumpkins means bringing out the creative side in me. I’m your typical {girly girl}, so you won’t see a carving tool in my hand…Instead you’ll see spray paint, sharpies and all that other crafty stuff girls like to use.

The pumpkins you see below will be used at the storefront in some sort of way…and if you can’t tell I’m currently obsessing over anything gold.

{Rustic Grace Pumpkins}
Because what’s Pumpkin Decorating without out your own store name? Just look how cute they are!

{Gilded Words Pumpkin}
You can never go wrong with a gold handwritten calligraphy pumpkin…so {HAPPY FALL} :) For those of you that have a small vocabulary like me…the word gilded means {thinly covered with gold paint…in my case a gold sharpie} ;)

{Paint Splatter Pumpkin}
This was probably the pumpkin that I had the most fun creating…I mean who doesn’t like to take a paint brush and purposely splatter gold paint everywhere.

{Gratitude Pumpkin}
Below I have pictured two different types of Gratitude Pumpkins…I’ve pictured one that I did all by myself and I’ve pictured one where I let the customers interact. I can’t wait until Thanksgiving so Lindsea and I can sit down and take the time to read what each and every customer who participated in this fun activity wrote.

{Thumbtack Message Pumpkin}
Say whatever’s on your heart with Gold Thumbtacks!! I decided to do {Shop} to go along with my Rustic Grace pumpkins I have pictured above :)

{Breast Cancer Awareness Pumpkin}
As you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we obviously couldn’t resist this cute Hot Pink and Gold Glittered Pumpkin. It’s classy, glittery, and simply just something that adds so much meaning to those who have had and are currently fighting Breast Cancer.

Thanks for reading yet another one of my Blogs…See you Next time!


October 17, 2016 by Hannah Reichmann

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