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Inspiring Future Fashionistas

Bright and early around 7:30ish-8ish AM every morning…my sweet babies AKA German Shepherds make a plan to wake me up to “Go Potty” more like to “Go Play” :/ So while they “Potty-Play” I take the time to read all of my unopened emails that I received throughout the night or early that morning…as well as check both Rustic Grace and my personal social media pages. Most emails are advertising, however every now and then an email that’s exciting will pop up.

And about a week and a half ago that “exciting email” was from Darla Taylor, a fourth grade math teacher at our local Elementary School. She informed me that her GT {Gifted and Talented} math class was currently working on a project called “Math around Town”. For the project each student was to choose a career they’d like to have and interview a person in that field. Lucky enough a student of hers was interested in the world of Fashion, and that just so happened to fall under my job title.

As excited as I was, I’m not going to lie, I was also a tad bit nervous as she also informed me that most of the interview questions would be about how I used math in my job. Fortunately I grew up with a math teacher for a mom, so math had always been a strong suit of mine, but as I’m sure most of you know technology has made most jobs quite easy in the math department.

I quickly responded to her email and let her know that I would love to help her student out in any way I possibly could. That Friday her sweet student contacted me to set up an appointment that would work best for the both of us. We planned on meeting together on the following Tuesday.

Tuesday rolled around and I remember texting my mom asking her how my job involved math LOL…I obviously knew how I used math in my job, but wanted to be sure I was prepared, so I didn’t give false hope to the girl who would be interviewing me. Later that evening around 4:30 a blonde hair and brown eyed little girl came right through the front doors of Rustic Grace…I knew exactly who she was as she looked just like a little fashionista.

We started by introducing ourselves and then quickly started the “interview” once we were all settled. Her very first question was exactly as I had planned…”How does your job involve math?” I quickly answered as I had been preparing myself for this question all day. The following questions involved the details of my job in fashion. I vividly remember her asking me…”What’s your favorite thing about your job?” Although there are a lot of things I would consider favorites…I remembering answering with “Customers” and then also the delayed response of “Shopping” after a little giggle from her, her response was “Who doesn’t love shopping.” {The TRUE Response of a Fashionista!}

After answering all of her questions I wanted to give her a little souvenir from Rustic Grace, and a badge to make her official. Having the opportunity to speak with such a passionate young lady reminds me of just how blessed I am to have such a supportive community. I have no doubt that she will thrive in the fashion world.


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!
Hannah Reichmann

{No Names are Mentioned for the Safety of the Student}

November 14, 2016 by Hannah Reichmann

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