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If you follow Rustic Grace on social media {if you don't...You should} you know Hannah and I LOVE Fall. I love the cool air, beautiful changing colors of the leaves and of course the fashion! Fashion is something I have a passion for year round but during Fall our creative side really shows! I scroll through Pinterest and Instagram for hours...No judgement...Looking at different outfits and ways to pair particular items.

I don't follow the "rules" of fashion I guess you could say, if I like something I wear it no matter what time of year it might be! However, I can't wait for Fall layers and colors! Olive green tops and dresses, booties, cardigans, florals and maroon of course have me wanting to go to work and shop a little!

Having the opportunity to get dressed up and feeling confident for work makes my eyes turn to hearts

Now I am any means saying that you should wear the "trendy" items if you are not comfortable in it or just don't like that certain trend! Fashion is a wonderful way to express yourself. Let your personality shine with the clothes and accessories you choose to wear!
Fall Trends of 2016 I'm in love with!

1. Florals

2. Chokers

3. Off the Shoulder

4. Over the Knee Boots

Thank you so much for reading! 

XOXO, Lindsea

October 10, 2016 by Lindsea Wilhelm

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