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What's in Hannah's Suitcase

Packing for Vacation can be both time consuming and stressful. Whether your headed on a 3 day weekend trip to the river with friends or a 7 day trip to the beach with family, packing is still packing.

My family and I are headed to the mountains in Ruidoso for a 6 day...5 night vacation, so I basically just need 7 outfits, but I've packed a good 35 just to be on the safe side. I'd say it's rare to find a girl who doesn't overpack...I mean what can I say we love to have lots of options.

There isn't particularly anything special about what's in my suitcase, {besides the fact that's it's all from RG}😉 but all I can say is three's basically my everyday wardrobe.

Since we are going to be driving for a good 8 hours straight, I'm all about being comfy, but I also want to look cute. With that being said for my first outfit...I plan on taking our Hand Drawn Texas State Tee in Dark Heather and Pairing it with either my Dear John Kavala Ava Shorts or my Dear John Joyrich Comfort Skinnies in Raindance. When Arriving in a different State {New Mexico} I want others to take notice that I'm from the best state and just looking for some cooler weather!💙

My second outfit will be worn for a {Girls Day Out}...which will include Shopping-Tea Rooms-and whatever else is on the Itinerary for that day! Since, we will be out and about, I plan on wearing something with a little color and detail to it...yet something that's still CASUAL-CUTE-COMFY! 

My third outfit was kind of planned out for me, which is A-OKAY because you can literally dress up any outfit. As you can see below, we have "Matching Family Shirts" for when we go to the I plan to dress this shirt up by Pairing it with my Dear John Hampton Vivian Shorts in Black, and my Black Floppy Hat!

The Remaining Outfits that I take will consist of just a few of my FAVORITE THINGS...Dear Johns, Pikos, and Pocket Tees!

If your having trouble planning or picking out outfits for your upcoming vacation...I've Attached all of the Products in Each of the Outfits Above...Below for your Convenience!

Outfit #1:

Outfit #2:

Outfit #3: 
Floppy Hat:

Other Outfit Choices:
Pocket Racer, Pinkish-Red:
Pocket Racer, Dark Turquoise:
Pocket Racer, Black:

Please say a few prayers for us as we spend the next 6 days with our whole family, as in 26 of us😉

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my Blog Post!

Until Next Time, Hannah💜

August 02, 2016 by Hannah Reichmann

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